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Eric Cortes

Taking this class helped was to look at thinks more critically or just to see things from a different perspective and see of the topics are all connected and how they are applied to our daily life. I'm still confused on the race and ethnicity and how to tell them apart.

Bethanie Altamirano

This term I have learned a few things like now I look at places more differently by how people act and what we do and say. I just see things from different perspectives and learn more about what I do in my life. I don't think Im confused with anything.

Heidi L Jarvis

With taking this class, I see more of the reasons behind actions. Why certain people do things. It makes me think more critically around the places and people around me.

Cole Herschbach

During this term I feel like its taught me a lot about society and made me think about how it works. And how these topics that I didn't know very much about and how they go together so well. Also how much these topics impact me and everyone else everyday.

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